self portraitLorrayne Leong is considered a “Jack of all Trades”, her experience and expertise crossing multiple industries over her lifetime, ranging widely from veterinarian services to the entertainment industry to government administration. But her first love has always been photography.

Lorrayne has been entrenched in photography since the young age of four. Her very first job in life was to paste photographs onto her father’s appraisal reports. The 3×5 inch glossies fascinated her, as well as watching her father take them during his site visits.

Also possessing a background and love of photography, her father taught her early on how to use the camera, and her love affair for the art grew. Soon, she was the one taking the photos of the houses and properties they visited while he stood by and watched, helping at every turn to shoot the best possible frame. Their daily visits to the photo shoppes only served to heighten her fascination, while watching the industrial aspect of commercial printing and conversing with the folks who staffed them. Later, in high school, Lorrayne was finally able to take actual photography classes. To this day, she’s still in love with the scent of the developing solution.

During college, Lorrayne’s love affair with the camera was placed upon a shelf to gather dust whilst she dove head first into her studies in geology and paleobiology, never realizing until it was too late that she could have combined them all into a flawless symphony. But finally, in 2009 on a family trip to Disneyland, Lorrayne took up her dad’s Nikon D50, and once again – BAM! Just like that, the rest is history.

If you are interested in hiring Lorrayne for a photo project, or would like another person to go on a photowalk with, feel free to contact her with what you’re looking for.