Wedding Fairs are Horrid

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Just checked out my first ever wedding fair today at the Oakland Marriott, and I brought my mom for support.  I will never go to another wedding fair again!  All they want to do is talk to you and sell … Continued

California Road Trip

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Unemployment started off with a huge and well-deserved bang – an extensive camping trip through California!  Oscar and I spent 10 days traversing the wilds of our beloved state, and Suki ended up joining us with her parents off traipsing Ireland … Continued

San Francisco Waterfront

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Last night, my brother and I ventured over to the San Francisco waterfront for a friend’s 30th birthday celebration. We dined at Coquetta on Pier 5, then had a smaller after party at Hard Water on Pier 3. Both locations … Continued

Las Vegas, Nevada

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I seem to be doing a lot of travelling as of late. Just one week after returning from my trip to Los Angeles and San Diego to visit friends, I found myself once again sipping on a beer at the … Continued

Berkeley, California

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To start my new photo challenge, I headed up to the Berkeley hills to try and catch the sunrise. That didn’t work out as well as I had imagined, so the kid and I journeyed over to Lake Anza in … Continued

Locke, California

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Even in a place as sunny and awesome as the San Francisco Bay Area, one can get cabin fever in the sunny winter months.  I sure did.  Needing a road trip really bad, I contacted my buddy Mike D. to … Continued

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