California Road Trip

California Road Trip

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Unemployment started off with a huge and well-deserved bang – an extensive camping trip through California!  Oscar and I spent 10 days traversing the wilds of our beloved state, and Suki ended up joining us with her parents off traipsing Ireland for a week and a half.

Red Rock Canyon State Park

Olivia joined me at the start of our road trip, stopping for a lovely lunch at Pea Soup Anderson’s off of I-5, then staying the first night with me and the kids at Red Rock Canyon State Park, along our route to Death Valley.  Olivia also brought Robby, so my little two-person tent was stuffed to the max during the night.  At least we kept each other warm!

Death Valley National Park

The kids and I spent seven glorious days in Death Valley, without a doubt one of my top favourite places on earth.  We pitched camp in Stovepipe Wells, situated right in the middle of the park, and is home to a grocery store, a full resort with a pool, a restaurant and a pub.  It’s actually a fantastic place to camp at; if you forget anything, the store will provide!  I can’t tell you how many times I walked into the store just to buy Gatorade to quench my thirst from the heat.  April can be hot so low in elevation in the Valley, and there are no shrubs higher than my head.

We were eventually joined by other peeps, one of the largest group camping trips I’ve ever organized (10 people!), and I organized a very comprehensive and extensive tour through the Valley for everyone.  We were able to visit the following places in the park:

  • Stovepipe Wells Village
  • Mosaic Canyon
  • Darwin Falls
  • Harrisburg Ghost Town
  • Scotty’s Castle
  • Ubehebe Crater and Peak
  • Furnace Creek Resort
  • Death Valley Visitor Center
  • Badwater Basin
  • Natural Bridge
  • Artist Palette
  • Golden Canyon

We made new friends, chilled with old ones, and had a complete blast the entire time.

Here’s a comprehensive Google map I’ve made of Death Valley, including camping spots, ghost towns and other points of interest.

Pinnacles National Monument

This was our last stop on our road trip, and we were originally supposed to stay here for three days.  Unfortunately, our camp site was right next to the creek, and it was mosquito season.  The kids and I were extremely unhappy, having to stay inside the tent in order to avoid massive stings, so we ended up packing up the next morning and headed back home.  I didn’t get any photos for this leg of the trip.

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