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Clinton Karr

Clinton Karr
Clinton Karr

Full Name:  Clinton Ramsay Karr
Birthplace:  Cleveland, Ohio
Birthdate:  October 10, 1980
Hometown:  Shaker Heights, Ohio
High School:  Shaker Heights High School
College:  Boston University



Clinton is a kid at heart, having never lost touch with his inner child. This manifests through his creativity, playfulness, and a strong sense of justice. You are just as likely to find him rolling dice in a board game as you are to find him volunteering with those less fortunate than him.

Clinton grew up in Shaker Heights (near Cleveland), Ohio, as the first of two children. His brother Elliott is a chef in San Francisco. His father, Bernie, is a lawyer, who instilled a strong work ethic in him (usually by forcing him to mow the lawn, paint the fences, and unclog the storm drains). His mother, Nancy, is a tireless volunteer with local churches, schools and historic foundations. Clinton has fond memories of taco nights with his family, a tradition he and Lorrayne continue with their own “taco Tuesday.”

In high school, Clinton and his friends called themselves “The Amish Ninja Klan” (TANK) and drank excessive amounts of Mr. Pibb. After graduating high school in 1999, Clinton traveled East to Boston, where he attended Boston University. He was a member of Tao Epsilon Phi fraternity and still keeps in frequent contact with some of his fraternity brothers.

Clinton worked a few odd jobs after college, including a pizza parlor waiter and an apartment leasing agent. He briefly moved back to Cleveland before returning to Boston to begin his career in public relations (convincing reporters to write stories about his clients). After a year of hard work, Clinton impressed his bosses enough that they transferred him to the San Francisco office. Clinton always had the goal to live on the East Coast and the West coast before he turned 30.

With his move to San Francisco complete, Clinton embraced its local bohemian culture, dressing in costumes and attending its festivals. Recently, Clinton made the return to Burning Man, where he completed training to become a Black Rock City Ranger. In 2017, with the love and support of Lorrayne, Clinton quit his corporate job to start his own business, Ramsey Communications, which has become more successful than he imagined.

Clinton and Lorrayne host frequent board game nights with their friends called “The Tabletop Gaming Initiative” and volunteer with their community in a group called “The Great Give Back.” They enjoy walking their dogs, Oscar and Mondo, at nearby Lake Merritt.

Lorrayne Leong

Lorrayne Leong
Lorrayne Leong

Full Name:  Lorrayne Monn-Ying Yow Leong
Birthplace:  Oakland, California
Birthdate:  July 13, 1978
Hometown:  Oakland, California
High School:  Monte Vista High School / Oakland High School
College:  University of California, Santa Barbara



If there was one word that existed that could adequately describe Lorrayne, it would be “Oakland”.  Born and raised in Oakland, California, Lorrayne considers herself a proud and faithful native of not only her hometown of Oakland, but also that of the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

Lorrayne is the third child of five children, borne from parents Gordon Leong Yow and Pearl Jee Yow, and fourth generation American on her father’s side.  Her family grew up on the east side of Lake Merritt in the neighbourhood once known as China Hill (now dubbed Cleveland Heights – oh, the irony!), and attended the Oakland Public School System.  From 1993 through 1995, the family briefly moved to the suburbs of Danville, California, but soon moved back to their original home in Oakland.  Lorrayne graduated from Oakland High School the following year, after which she attended the University of California at Santa Barbara for five years before once again returning home to Oakland.

Ever the work-aholic, Lorrayne learned the importance of a solid work ethic from both of her parents, and began working part-time the moment she turned fifteen at a veterinarian hospital in San Ramon, California.  When the family moved back to Oakland, she changed jobs to another veterinarian hospital located in Alameda, California, and would work nearly every weekday and most weekends.  She ended up working roughly 30 hours a week, in addition to going to high school.  Over the years, Lorrayne dedicated herself to both school and work, working at least 2 part-time jobs while attending college more than full time (16-28 units per quarter).  Upon leaving college and returning home in 2001, the need to exert herself came in the form of multiple jobs, both paid and volunteer work, all over the Bay Area.  To this day, Lorrayne has held down a total of thirty-six separate positions since the age of fifteen.  We won’t talk about the jobs prior to fifteen…

Through it all, Lorrayne has managed to maintain a very healthy social life, and loves all of her family and friends dearly.  She is also clearly still in love with Oakland, with a sweet rent-controlled apartment just one block from her beloved Lake Merritt, and just a mile away from her parents.  No matter what happens in her life, she always manages to sling-shot back to her favourite city in the whole world.

When the Fates Intervened

Sunday Dinner | August 23, 2015
Sunday Dinner
August 23, 2015

Twas the Summer of 2015 . . .

Angelo Festin was planing his first ever camping trip, and was in the difficult throes of organizing a large group. Lorrayne had initially declined to join in the trip, as she had previously committed to another camping trip the same weekend. However, the Fates intervened when, the weekend just prior to Angelo’s excursion.

Angelo accompanied Lorrayne and family to the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival. There, he communicated his frustrations and obstacles with planning the trip, and Lorrayne decided on the spot to change her RSVP. Given that she was unemployed at the time, she deduced that she could take a side trip en route home from her trip to Yosemite National Park. But there was one snag – Angelo’s party was completely full. Not a problem, Lorrayne said! Lorrayne simply booked the adjacent campsite for one night, and all was planned.

Lorrayne spent three days in Yosemite, joined by a couple friends that were hiking Half Dome. She left a day earlier than initially planned and drove to the second campsite – in sunny, yet super windy, Brannan Island State Park in the Sacramento Delta. There, she set up her tent along the border between the two campsites, and settled in to wait for the others to arrive. Before long, she saw a Dukes of Hazard car pull up into Angelo’s campsite, and went out to introduce herself.

Lo and behold, the gentleman that exited the sleek racing car was Clinton, looking nicely groomed and a welcoming persona. If “love at first sight” was ever true, Lorrayne had gotten struck by Cupid’s arrow immediately. To her dismay, she had been roughing it for four days prior to their fateful meeting, but Clinton remained respectful and friendly the whole weekend. Little did he know that Lorrayne was already on the prowl…

A month later, the group of friends met up for Sunday dinner, and Lorrayne knew this was her chance to make a new impression to Clinton, so she got all dolled up to look her best.  Success was had when she was able to convince Clinton to go on a date with her the following week.

The following Saturday, the two met up at a Japanese restaurant in San Pedro Square in San Jose, California, where Clinton touted had the best oysters.  He wasn’t lying!  The restaurant served oysters on the half shell, topped with a vinaigrette, scallions, tobiko, and a perfect raw quail egg.  That was when Lorrayne realized that Clinton could definitely keep up with her fattie tendencies!  The date was short and sweet, and soon led to Clinton asking Lorrayne to be his girlfriend.  Just six months later, Clinton moved in with Lorrayne and her dog Oscar by Lake Merritt in Oakland.  The two have been fairy tale-book happy ever since.

The Marriage Proposal

Mexican Cruise | February 19, 2016
Mexican Cruise
February 19, 2016

It was the evening of December 9, 2016…

Since venturing down the co-habitation road, Lorrayne and Clinton discovered that they were more than compatible as life-long partners, sharing multitude of interests and hobbies together.  They were also great socialites, loving to spend much quality time with both family and friends.  This led to the ultimate discussion of possible marriage and a long life together.  Clinton inquired as to what type of rings Lorrayne liked, and she was adamant about hating diamonds and not wanting a diamond ring.  At first, Clinton had thought that meant she didn’t want a ring at all, but that was silly.

Just that week, they had discussed looking at rings together, and the morning of December 9th, as Lorrayne was dropping Clinton off at the West Oakland BART station en route to work, she suggested that they visit the San Francisco Gift Exchange to look at the selection there, since the Gift Exchange were full of jewelers at decent prices.  Clinton agreed to the idea.  What he didn’t let on was that he had already visited the Gift Exchange and had already purchased the perfect ring.

When they had originally gotten into the car that morning, Lorrayne had accidentally dropped her famous “divorce ring”, but he convinced her to wait until they got to the station to look for it.  As soon as they pulled into the station, Lorrayne threw the car in park and got out to look for the missing ring.  Clinton also got out of the car, but instead of leaving for work, he walked around the car to the driver’s side with the intention of proposing right then and there.  Unfortunately, Lorrayne found her ring before he could get to her in time, so now it was back to the initial plan!

December 9th was also Lorrayne’s work holiday party, always held at the local billiards hall.  The plan was for Lorrayne to go home after work and Clinton to meet her there, where they would then take a Lyft back to Emeryville for the party so they didn’t need to worry about drunk driving.

When Lorrayne got home, she noticed that the bedroom door was oddly closed, but went ahead and fed Oscar before they needed to leave.  Yet, the door still remained closed…  Knocking on the door and asking if he was ready, Clinton replied within that he was, but nothing else.  Lorrayne then asked if she could come in, and he said yes.  Slowly opening the door in case he had been behind it, she immediately noticed that the bed had roses and rose petals strewn all over it, and there was a GoPro on the headboard!  But before she could contemplate that any further, Clinton was there, dressed dashingly for the holiday party, and saying sweet things to her about his love for her and them, and how happy their relationship made him.  Still, Lorrayne was unsuspecting of his intentions, as Clinton is always very eloquent and shares his feelings very well.  Suddenly, Clinton reached behind him and pulled out a little black box!  Lorrayne was beyond shocked as he got down to one knee and proposed.

Lorrayne’s only regret is that, as it was casual Fridays at work, she was dressed shabbily compared to her Knight in Ginger Armor!  But you know what they say – You can tell if a girl is expecting the proposal when she gets her nails and hair all done up, and dresses to the nines!  You can be assured that Lorrayne never saw it coming at all!  She still, to this day, refuses to watch the GoPro footage!