I failed to take any photos for Week 04 due to health issues, so I’m picking a photo from my past to highlight for the week.

This photo is a panorama of Mono Lake in the Eastern Sierras that I took a couple years ago whilst on a camping excursion. This was originally three separate photos that I stitched together in Photoshop, then adjusted to attempt to emulate HDR.

Oscar and I had taken a five day road trip visiting ghost towns, geologic formations and hot springs that abound in the Eastern Sierras. We spent a total of 2.5 days camped along the southeast side of Mono Lake before moving on in our adventures. At one point during our stay here, we hiked down to the shoreline to see the tufas; I had a master plan to continue all the way down to the tourist area, then we would head back via the roads. Instead, the distance was a lot longer than I had previously gauged, so I had us turn back around, convinced it would be easy to find our way back. I ended up getting us completely lost trying to find the dry bed back up to our campsite, and the sun was going down fast, and me without a headlamp. Luckily for me, I gave Oscar the lead to find our way back, and he did right before we lost the last of our light! What a trooper! I know that I can count on him to get us back to safety in a pinch.

  • Project 52
  • Week 04
  • Mono Lake, Mono County, California