To start 2013 off, I embarked on my first-ever cruise with family and friends to New Orleans and the Bahamas for a friend’s birthday celebration. One of the many stops we had was at Belize City in Central America. We took a chartered bus and boat to visit some Mayan ruins in the Lamanai District in the jungles of Belize, typically a 2 hour drive northwest of Belize City.

One of the temples we got to see on the tour was the amazing High Temple, the largest of the pyramids in the Lamanai District, whose top stretches up a whopping 108 feet above the jungle floor, offering one a clear view of the river and surrounding jungles. According to the sign at the base of the pyramid, the initial phase of construction of the structure began in 100 B.C., and it was later abandoned in the Early Postclassic Period. Several offerings recovered were jade and shell items which had Olmec characteristics.

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  • Week 07
  • Lamanai Ruins, Belize, Central America