02: Melody

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Sesshoumaru laid back against the stout trunk of Goshinboku, left arm perched over raised knee, while his right leg splayed out before him between the moss-covered roots.  Half-lidded golden eyes watched as the miko wandered around the clearing,  teaching his ward and the young kitsune about the different plants that grew there.  Rin, most especially, wore a fierce look of concentration while the miko spoke, and recited the various names back to her mentor.

Since the miko Kagome had returned to Edo village after being mysteriously absent for three years, Rin had taken a keen interest in the workings of the  woman, and had taken to following her nearly everywhere that she could.  The miko immediately took his ward under her tutelage, and the young girl seemed to flourish under her care, which pleased him greatly.

Sesshoumaru closed his eyes and rested his head back against the tree, letting his senses wander.  There were no dangers nearby, so he let the melodic voice of the miko surround him with its soothing notes.  Her lectures always seemed to lull him into a state of relaxation, so he took advantage of the situation to bask in the sunlight that filtered down through the tree’s canopy.  A rare moment of tranquility for him.

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